Worst selfie ever taken?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by webber f1 racer, May 15, 2014.

  1. Just had a quick look on the facebook news feed, and this popped up...
  2. I wouldn't #$%# her with your dick
  3. they look sick
  4. Do they have jaundice
  5. i'd grab a few mates and prod them
  6. Paper bag it and good to GO!
  7. one on the right has a proper five-head
  8. No, that is not the worst selfie ever taken.
  9. would totally bang the one on the right
  11. does she have a really long forearm or something? doubting this is a selfie
  12. Yeah, I think someone else took that picture.
  13. Yeah, just really horrible lighting.
  14. She actually has a really good body but obviously not the face. Luckily I have no idea who the beast on the left is.
  15. Big ups to moosequad for recognizing that this isn't a selfie.
  16. Are they slurries?
  17. Can't speak for the fat one but the one I know, from a uni class, isn't. She's suuuper woggish though so can suffer from bad taste.
  18. Do people there actually use the term moll
  19. it's pretty rare. but an excellent bogan teenage girl insult.
  20. Looks like the fanny bowser has crashed into the klacker wagon

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