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    So, I just got out of a SCSU Alumni Networking lunch at my office. We were all talking about our profs and that made me remember my web design/network security prof. His website was voted as the worst website on the internet. I sent it out to a few of my coworkers after lunch and I figured I would entertain you guys as well.

    The first link is his original site (he changed it after it was voted the worst website on the internet by Digg.com and the added traffic from that article flooded SCSU's web server and brought it down).


    The second link is the "improved" site that he now uses to give us our assignments and whatnot.


    His name is Amos Olagunju and he makes $101k a year. That's fair right?
  2. Why is EVERY link a file!?
  3. We only learn from the best. Do you like the marqueeing dancing panda?
  4. i want to know more about miss dolphin
  5. I heard that she gets around
  6. is there a dolphin beauty pageant? is he the only judge? or is he miss dolphin?
  7. thats amazing
  8. lol'd at this
  9. Lets just hope he leans more towards network security than web design.
  10. Hello my future girlfriend. This is what I sound like.
  11. It looks like websites did at the beginning of the internet.
  12. Yea, he really doesn't. The only topic that he REALLY knows is encryption and cryptography. He can write encryptions that make my head spin... Otherwise, he is a complete idiot and has been formally "asked to retire" by the university 5 times already. He is tenured though so he can't be fired without a concrete reason. Another reason to love unions.
  13. Tell the school that he lured you in with Volvo memorabilia and then Sandusky'd you in his office.

    Edit: Ugh bad taste and too soon
  14. brilliant

    i liked the internet better when sites looked all shitty and geocities like
  15. That website is stuck in the mid 90's.
  16. he should put one of those nigerian money scam emails into the marquee banner.
  17. I dwell in the shelter of the Most High; I rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
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  18. he has blessed the website with miss dolphin
  19. he teaches web design?
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  21. At least he had taste enough to keep the panda, sheesh.
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    "What Is A Supercar and Why Is So Exciting About One"

    "You are fond of the car? Beyond that you would like to follow the exciting world of the best supercars and be informed about what’s happening in the world interesting. Here are some things that will explain in more detail what a supercar is and how to locate one, and this makes them more special than any other type of vehicle."

    This would be Gouridebangzi on a good day.
  24. i wish the internet did not exist

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