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  1. As the license plate says. I have never heard of the QVale or Mangusta as a model or make.

    Here are some pictures, and insight would be helpful.

    Also I was caught in the rain, so I had to snap these pictures quickly. That being said, the quality and positions arent that great.
  2. here are the pics
  3. it's a Qvale Mangusta....? did you really need to ask?

    they're SO UGLY
  4. It's really a Detomaso Mangusta, but the Qvale family had import rights to the car and at some point had a falling out with Detomaso and for whatever reason decided to badge the car as their own.

    I believe North America is the only place where you will find them badged as Qvales. Someone else probably knows the details better than I though.

  5. Peloton, your post was definitely more helpful, yea obviously its a qvale, I stated that.

    Thank you Peloton because you provided info that was new to me.
  6. QVale Mangusta indeed. Has a Mustang V8 (the 32V, IIRC), and borrows some Rustang parts inside. The top has a very unique feature and is called a Roto-Top. Basically, you remove the top of the roof as if it were a Targa, and the rear remaining part rolls inside to become a complete convertible.
    Styling is controversial (although I adore it, has that baroque italian feel, reminds me of the Quattroporte III), as well as the handling.
    Not necesserily a good car, but definitely exotic and unique. They go for dirt cheap (around 40-50 grands, whereas they were over 85 grands when they came out). I'd get one in a heartbeat.
  7. oh no, now i feel AWFUL that i wasn't much help at all...

    boo hooo hoooo! :'(

  8. Its a lamborghini with the engine from a viper and it has turbos if you put a veilside kit on it looks so sick
  9. Uhhhhh, what?
  10. he's taking the piss...:)

    seriously though, I was just saying he helped out more by not reiterating what I had previously stated.

    Thank you for your snide remark
  12. lol...dude...you need to take this place less seriously.
  13. I do

    tralala :: plays with a pinwheel::

    I was just really curious about the car is all.

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