Would it handle?

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  1. the roof is pretty high up, it would roll alot, unless youve got the pretty freakin stiff springs and roll bars
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    Im not sure.But i think it would roll easly.
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    Who cares? It's a freakin' 800 hp minivan! Schumacher had the same engine behind his head in 1994.
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    Taller the car the easier to roll, or even get physically pushed over. Check out how low this car is to the ground, huge downforce, it will stay to the ground on fast turns, no doubt about it. It's handling probably not spectacular, but who cares it's the best van ive ever seen.
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    i was laughing at that wing until i saw the hp! this thing would get the kids to swim practice really F'in fast!
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    hahahah true.
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    ya, he also had a hell of alot of good handling surounding that engin, cornering is everything on the track.
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    yup, very fast
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    yes it does, it has very good downforce.
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    Yeah, the roof is high up, the center of gravity is not high up. So there's really no reason to think this would roll. The engine sits low in the car, so does the transmission. I don't know what suspension this car has, but it has ventilateds carbon brake discs. I suppose the rest of the car is built in the same spirit, if so, it has pretty great handling. The high sides of the car probably catches a lot of wind though, but probably not more than you can live with.
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    seeing as though it is basically renault's f1 car with a minivan body, i would imagine that the suspension is stiff enough to keep it from rolling over. also, the center of gravity is lower than you would think because there probably isn't much left in the top half of the car, with the engine/tranny/gearbox and chassis sitting so low.
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    i dont care this sux... i hate this.. why couldnt they do all of this wit the engine and everything to a good looking car instead of a god damn minivan... spare me wit this shit
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    I think it would have fairly good handling, but even if it didn't this van still kicks ass
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    ur all calling it a van it's a people carrier
    but all its carrying now is a huge #$%#ing engine in the back :D
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    1995.. in 94 schumacher had a Benetton-Ford
  17. I'm still laughing! I mean, imagine taking this thing to the tracks, and everybody is laughing their asses off, and then you smoke all of them.
  18. It would certainly not roll very easily due to the tremendous downforce and racing suspension. However, it would not handle spectacularly because of problems like weight distribution that occur when one places an 800hp engine in a machine such as this. The brakes are certainly up to the task: they could stop a speeding locomotive! The tires look pretty skimpy, through.
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    would it handle?

    this video might just tell you


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