Would these images be hard to make?

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  1. My friend makes these as a hobby, first doing them digitally, then painting them on a canvas in real life. He sells the canvases to people for £80 each.

    Are they actually hard to do cos the way he goes on about it is as though it requires a great deal of skill. Obviously these is some skill in doing them on canvas, but I suspect its not that hard at all really.
  2. im not sure what the right technique is

    but i think i can make one with photoshop
  3. took me about a minute or two
  4. ah i dont think i did it right, just noticed its only two colours
  5. It's easy to do in photoshop but I suck at painting
  6. just play around with the threshold slider, found in Image > Adjustments.
  7. I have a friend who does the exact same thing (if I understand you correctly). He does work with stencils.

    Creating the print-out for the stencil is easy as pie. Cutting out the stencil takes a lot of work, and deciding where to put the "bridges" takes some creativity. Then, painting the stencils can be as easy, or hard as you'd like. My friend does a lot more with the art than just painting the stencil on, so he'd argue there is a lot of hard work, and creativity involved. I've seen him go through the work of creating a finished product. I'd say it's worth what ever he can sell it for.

    I have a painting he's done on my wall, but no digital pictures right now. I could ask him to send me pics of stuff he's done recently if you care to see.

    Then again, if your friend is not using stencils, and he produces stuff like in your third picture, I'd say that's even more work, and requires a rarer artistic ability.
  8. so from what i gather he would do the image digitally, print it out, enlarge it on a photocopier or something, create a stencil and then paint it onto a canvas. right, cool. i might try doing one.
  10. Well, i've seen people doing these with other method too.
    Especially useful if you plan to do a huge painting, when a stencil is hard or impossible to use. Print your image on a transparent film, and shoot the image onto the canvas or board with a projector. Then paint.
  11. Macs do them automatically.

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