wouldnt be shit with outta super charger

Discussion in '2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra' started by z28350, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. admit that shit, without a supercharger it wouldnt be able to compete with the camaro
  2. yur a moron.
  3. ur a dumbass, so u really think that if they took that supercharger out it would still be fast?
  4. Dude! Uh yeah it would be able to compete with the Camaro. The Camaro Z28 had ....325 horsepower, and the SS was somewhere in that area giver or take. The Mustang Cobra SVT is the Mustang Mach 1 with a supercharger. We have that figured out now, so lets compare the two, a Z28 and a Mach 1.

    Z28 VS Mach 1
    310 HP @ 5200 RPM VS 310 HP @ 6000 RPM
    340 TRQ @ 4000 RPM VS 335 TRQ @ 4200 RPM
    3439 LBS VS 3469 LBS

    The Z28 should be faster in a straight line, given it outpowers the Mach 1 while at lower RPMs, 30 pounds lighter to boot. BUT not by much, so yes a Cobra without a blower would be a good match for a Camaro. I'm a fan of displacement but remember that the Stang is pulling it with almost a liter less, and one less gear.
  5. You first said the Z28 had 325 hp...Then said 310 hp?
    Also, you would have to take more than the supercharger off of the Cobra to make it equal to the Mach 1. Now...It Clearly sates that the Cobra's Blower pushes 8psi through the CAST ALUMINUM BLOCK! I push only 5psi through my stock GM 350. Now...my car at sea level will run 12.9's on STREET TIRES. Slicks would drop me to low 12's. Possibly High 11's.
    Also, The Mach 1 has 300 hp Stock. That would mean that the supercharger on the Cobra, along with the intercooler gives the cobra 90 hp...90 HORSEPOWER!! This would mean the Supercharger on the Cobra only produces 11.25 horsepower for every pound of Boost created. THAT SUCKS ASS!! They say 6psi should give you 100 hp. You are stupid. Very, very stupid.
  6. Something most people do not realize: Cobra engines are different than GT and Mach 1 engines. GT's and Mach 1's have 2 cams (I know it says SOHC, but there are 2, look it up) while Cobras have 4 cams. Also, you cannot assume that 8 psi gives constant output like that. A Vortech or Procharger puts out a whole lot more power with 8 psi on these engines than the ones that come stock. In conclusion, the Cobra engine is NOT a Mach 1 engine with a supercharger.
  7. Good Point.
  8. after reading a magazine article today, where a magazine took an 03 Cobra crate engine, yes it had long tube headers, they removed the stock supercharger and put a 01 Cobra intake on it.. made about 370 hp at the flywheel.. with the blower on, was around 450..

    then another magazine put on another crate 03 Cobra engine a twin turbo setup.. it made on 20 psi, about 970 hp/911 ft lbs torque.. lets see ANY stock GM engine match that, without opening up the engine at all..


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