wow too many mustang models

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    hes right.
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    Its gotta be more that that
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    how does the horsepower go down from the engine to the rear wheels? gears? and for the person that said the Camaro wwas better (97cobra i think), id say that they were about even. The shelby 427s were in my opinion the best stangs of the era, and the yenkos the best of the camaros. I just think that Ford detuned and lowered the "official" stats of the 'stangs more than Chevy to beat out Chevy in sales, somethin they successfully did.
  4. Re: bullshit on a stick

    I think you are the one who needs a new brain. the day you get some common sense is when hell freezes over! Have you ever seen Japs or Chinks or Gooks drive? They behave like shit! I bet they make cars as shitty as they can drive.
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    that's funny you should ask. because the cobra is a tenth of a second quicker to 60...
    Obtained from C&D June, 2002
    0-60: 4.5 Transmission: Manual
    1/4 Mile: 12.9
    1/4 Speed: 111

    and the roush, which you complained about as well beats is by 3 tenths... Report for 2001 Ford Roush Stage 3 Mustang
    Obtained from C&D June, 2001
    0-60: 4.3 Transmission: Manual
    1/4 Mile: 12.9
    1/4 Speed: 111

    and that's with 360hp. also, a roush stage 3 can handle a full lateral .g.

    not to say the steeda isn't cool, but shit, man, have a valid argument next time you begin to type.

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