Wow, what an ugly car

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  1. I remember when you could honestly respect the Evo and the STi, but the Evo's just gotten out of hand. It looks like a 16 year-old's wet dream, and I have no doubt that (despite the great performance) this car will lose its value VERY quickly.

    Clear tail lights on a stock car whose look wasn't designed for them? Those diffusers on the roof? I like aggressive, but this is just trashy.
  2. Different strokes. Some people think I'm silly for saying that the Enzo is a rolling visual disaster. Thought it's obvious I'm correct, as are you.
  3. Both wrong... although LanciaDeltaIntegraleS4 a bit less. The colour on that Lancer is just ghastly.
  4. i like the design of both Lancer Evo and the Enzo. The enzo isnt exactl the nicest looking thing along with this because both were built to preform well like a supercar. they are built for speed and performance not just looks.
  5. i like the design of both Lancer Evo and the Enzo. The enzo isnt exactl the nicest looking thing along with this because both were built to preform well like a supercar. they are built for speed and performance not just looks.
  6. I think the Enzo design is just one of those things you tolerate becuase it's such an incredible machine underneath. Like a butterface; you don't have to see it when you're hittin' it from behind. Likewise, as an Enzo driver, you really don't have to look at it's hideous skin from the inside.
  7. WHAT?? I don't think the Lancer was EVER built for speed. It was originally an econo-box turned/tuned into a rally car. Did Mitsu have rally in their minds when designing the lancer? Of course, but I wouldn't say that they are purpose built for speed.

    Enzo is completely different. It was built without regard to looks. It was extensively tested and refined in wind tunnels before anyone ever took a look at its beauty. Everything on that car serves an aerodynamic purpose.

    The Enzo had a clean sheet to work from, while the Evo most certainly did not.
  8. Ah yeah the EVO was built as a cheapish road based race car that you can take to the track. It was always intended as that.

    I like the looks of it. Very aggresive and purposeful.
  9. Everything on the Carrera GT serves an aerodynamic purpose and it manages to avoid looking like it was just hit by a HumVee.
  10. i must agree on the disgusting "eurotails" that mitsu has decided to put on this car. Although if you look to Japanese models you will find the tail lights very tasteful. being that i am an avid fan of the Japanes import car, it kills me to say that the paint on the evo does look really bad in those pics almost as though photoshopped but if you look elsewhere for photos of the MR i believe you would think otherwise
  11. hey LanciaDeltaIntegraleS4, what do you drive? your mom's early 90s ford taurus? thats right. dumbass.
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    the colour is sick but if you look on you will find it looks much better in other colours. imo the STi is a much better car looks, performance and interior wise.
  13. *Looks at the topic title*

    Wow, what a stupid post
  14. u should b slapped! what dont u f***ing idiots get about the enzo!?!?! it wasnt made for looks it was made for performance so shut the hell up about thinking its ugly u whores..
  15. This thing is awesome in my opinion.
  16. to each his own...

    besides, these things (fenders, wings, bumpers, etc...) appear for valid reasons. better that they get function first.
  17. Man,Your joking. This car is freaking amazing. This is my favourite car ever made next to the 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500. But your opinion is your opinion. But my opinion is that this is the greatest car on earth.

    And for one I hate Enzo. 2 words about it and that is " Completely Overrated ".
  18. ur views are wrong
  19. i think the lan evo VIII a good looker, not a supermodel of all cars though. its purpose is the run times and still appeal to a newer market. From the lan evo VI back were the best looking of them though.
  21. WTF are you smoking?! EVO 1 was a completely purpose built race car, but Mitsu needed to stick to rules of then Group A rally racing, and therefore had to build and sell at least 250 examples (They sold 5000) of their race car. The first EVO was completely based on a race car, with the engine taken from Mitsu's older and heavier cousin the VR4, which was their previous rally racer. It had NOTHING to do with an "econo-box", but was a limited edition homoligation car.

    Seriously, don't pull stuff out of your ass and call it fact.

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