1. For a 1937 car, street or race, this thing is damn fast!<!-- Signature -->
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    I didn't think they were cabable of making such powerful engines back then. I guess I stand corrected.<!-- Signature -->
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    I dont like the fact that the position of all the specs on the data table is all screwed up. But the fact that that much power is in that car can probably be attribted to the fact that it was never allowed on the street. Engineers were able to create mosterously powerful engines for a long time, but not often has one been needed. And example being the corvette L88, the only reason it had 560 bhp was that it was fundamentally the same as the race engines used by chevy at the time. That much power was never needed on the street, and they even rated the power lower than it was to appease insurence companies.<!-- Signature -->
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    Thats alot aof bhp for and old car "i stand corrected". and also some people, like the dude above me, spend way to much time on this site. I just wanted to make you all aware of that.
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    730 hp isn't much, 1000+ hp is, like in the old Napiers and Rolls Royces with Merlin V12 airplane engines. Those were FAST!
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    cars with that much horsepower now are deathtraps... i dont wanna know the survival rate of the people who had enough balls to drive this thing back in the 30's<!-- Signature -->
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    its preety much for a car that old.<!-- Signature -->
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    considering it only did a few laps before the gears crapped out and it was only driven once by one guy (yes- what a death trap for all those people-dumbass) it not reeally that amazing and yes, there were old bently blowers made with merlin engines form the spitfire and they were the real beasts
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    So you say the gearbox gave up? understandable with the technology of the time and the amount of power going through it. What I wouldnt give to listen to that engine kick over!
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    Oh yeah, but I wouldn't turn down the invitation to watch one of the Bentleys either, did they really have Merlin engines in them ?!!<!-- Signature -->
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    WOW it is! 1937 and 236 MPH... damn... thats the fastest Mercedes I think... And its that old! But I guess it is a death-trap.. I mean it cant have the best driving skills... But oh well.. Its Mercedes =)

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