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    Yeah, new member. Doubt anyone even looks at this car anymore. I own one, an '89, and thought I'd get a few things straight about them:
    1)The car is just a Ford Sierra XR4i except for a different engine. It has a 2.3L with a Garett T3 turbo.
    2)The car was built in Germany, the engine in Brazil.
    3)Unless modified, it will in NO WAY beat a 5.0L, my dad has one and could smoke me all day.
    4)I hear it's really easy to get 500-600hp out of these motors, so watch out when you end up next to one at a stoplight, unless you're one of the million people on this site who own a McLaren F-1 or a 911 Turbo or a 360 Modena.
    Anyway, good hunting!
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    Here. checked the letters, great! XR4Ti's rule! bad picture though.
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    I couldn't load the last attempted post. Anyhow, Merkurs are neat litle sleeper cars. My friend needs to get a paint job though, he's just a lazy slacker that thinks it will happen by itself. Oh, yeah, when it's running smooth it seems to have some get up, so all you lame Civics and Accords may want to watch out.<!-- Signature -->
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    i used to own one of these, it was awesome, though it cost the price of the car to have the tranny built up,seeing as though it is the real crappy hummer t-5 with reverse in the wrong place. i only paid 1k for the car. i have to say that it wasnt that great top end but with the rebuilt turbo and running 20psi it would run deep into the 15's, i actually ran it at the track, me and some friends went to see a friend run his sentra and he kept saying that he could beat my xr4ti, well.... he couldnt, and the only thing i had was the rebuilt turbo and boost controler. i did beat a couple of 5.0's stoplight2stoplight but they were all stock which runs 15.2, but they would have toasted me on the highway or at the end of the 1/4, well, if you have the chance to buy one do it but then sell it later, great cars, but not a keeper.
  5. cheap shit

  6. Need info

    Does anyone have good websites about this. Im thinking about buying one but i need info about where to get parts can you get them in the US or do u have to go to Germany? Plus where can I go to get upgrades. I also want to know if any places sell cheap Cosworth body parts and engine parts b/c im looking to make this based of the Cossy.

    Any information will be appreciated
  7. Help

    Does anyone know a good place to look for to buy one? And does anyone know of any good parts store and service areas in Virginia?
  8. this car is amazing

    in case u cant tell im being sarcastic

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