1. Just when I thought the R8 couldn't get any more amazing
  2. I want to see Clarkson in this R8! "I'm going to kill myself!!!" :D
  3. wow. the r8 was awesome as is but 4 more cylinders and gorgeous new bodywork sure does make it better. i'd like to see this thing take on a murcielago now instead of a gallardo
  4. If they build it, will they stick with the R8 name? How about R10, assuming tehy would be producing the lesser R8 at the same time.
  5. absolutely stunning. i dont know how Audi does it.
  6. R12 would make more sense.
  7. R12 would make more sense.
  8. with that torque there isnt much to stand in its way, imagine a abt version!!!

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