Wreck of pink Audi S8 in Bahrain

Discussion in 'Videos and Sounds' started by Blitzschnell, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Like an intellectual trainwreck.
  2. Well if you weren't so stupid you would know that I'm not a girl you assclown! I have yet to see you post anything good....
  3. Death rate is measured per 100,000 people not the whole population...So if the population increases doesnt mean the death rate/100,000 should increase...
  4. That looks seriously wrecked, he must have been speeding like nuts. Also pink wtf?
  5. Exactly!! Good point.
  6. arab taste
  7. owned him !!!!
  8. the pink paint must have changed the areo of the car or something , pink+car=unstable reaction.

    But seriously, is the text true? he was the prince? 15yr old no driver license. if so that messed up, if i had money when i was younger id probably die the same way... without the pink of course
  9. Mott Power, you can go fcuk yourself u racist Hick
  10. use the quote button
  11. not racist, discriminatingly factual
  12. This? A serious topic?

  13. Those aren't really powerslides...
  14. wtf kinda thread is this?! almost only retarded comments
  15. And that matters how, exactly?
  16. They're obviously superior to the rest, they're allowed to do things that, when done by normal/inferior people, could be tagged as "retarded"... but they're royal people, so they're cool, they can do that stuff...

    1 less dumbass in the world.
  17. towelhead !!!!
  18. They'll blame it on the Americans.
  19. That's sad, regardless of who he is.
  20. a retarded thread leads to retarded comments i think.

    but yeah, he does deserve it for driving a pink audi

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