Wrecked Chinese car

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by naranhito, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. Wrecked Chinese car
  2. I assume this occured after a rock was kicked into the car's windscreen?
  3. what brand is it?
  4. Lifan 520
  5. Wow, it looks good now.
  6. *ping pong ball
  7. Nice! The airbags went off!
  8. Darn Asian drivers.
  9. I'm never ever going to ride in a chinese car.
  10. I have, its scarey shit.
  11. I'd shit my pants. The thought of dying in a chinese car.
  12. Nope. This is what wind resistance does when you try to exheed 73 mph.
  13. Nope. This is what wind resistance did when the driver tried to exheed 73 mph.
  14. Did it break?
  15. The roof completely caved in. Nice.
  16. Nope, but there were a lot of semi-close calls, and had there been a crash I'm sure I would be in 5 messy pieces.
  17. It looks like a hunk of unidentifiable metal. Oh wait, It always looked like that.
  18. nice crash..
  19. 23
  20. Question. is that a test track because the corner in the background of the first pic has a hell of alot of camber?
  21. they should just come like this off the lot, save people the time/pain.
  22. What car did you ride in?
  23. Where's the fortune?
  24. Silly Chinese...
  25. Looks like a meccano toy

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