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  1. 0-60 is faster than 9.9 seconds and the top speed is around 160mph or more. My Step Dad was in one way back when.<!-- Signature -->
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    and delorean was 120 mph, and 9.5 0-60 (posted 10.5 , and 109). and this is a V8 mustle car(its heavy, fast, and inexpensive) versus euro sports car with a rear V6.
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    Putting these number into a 1/4 mile calculator it comes out with 14.7. Not bad for the 80's.
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    This car was designed as a safety capsule and a "performance automobile." It had a rollcage integrated into the frame connected to the B-pillars so nobody would die.
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    Unfortunetely, the gullwing doors are a terrile idea if you happen to need to open them when you are , oh, lets say, upside down or underwater.
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    break a window.
  7. the 0-60 time was in the high 9's and the car definatly did not have a top speed of 160mph, and it also didn't have 220bhp it had 175bhp. you have to remeber this was during the height of the new mid 70's fuel regulations and even ferraris (308gtb) were sucked out.
  8. remember, although the Bricklin do have Ford 351 and AMC 360 engines, doesn't mean they're quite a muscle car, keep in mind the car was built around the same time the emmission laws were being created and the Bricklin is also built with thick molded fiberglass and the roll cage and it was bult with a lot of heavy components, so it's not much faster than a DeLorean, there are lots of similarities and lots of differences between the Bricklin and DeLorean.
  9. This car sucks trust me, ive blown one away in a focus... it was ugly and im not lying im canadian i should be proud of this.. mess

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