Wrong design direction.

Discussion in '2008 Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG' started by DownwardSpiral, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. It doesn't seem like MB was trying too hard on this design. There's no real wow factor.
  2. The headlights are pretty ugly
  3. The headlights are pretty ugly
  4. The headlights are pretty ugly
  5. i disagree, MB has done a great job continuing their trademark look throughout the years and this is no exception. i think they should have dropped the bumpers down a little and heightened the lower, front air intake grill and kept the original black carbon look on the lower front spoiler like the 63 . . the lights are fine, can't see how they're ugly. It certainly is no comparison in the direction BMW went in.
    MB has always done a good job combining business and thrills . . and with a v12 tt under the hood and MB craftsmanship to back it up, i think I'd rather be inside it.
  6. I too disagree. I believe there is a wow factor. "Wow, that's ugly." Sometimes companies get confused as to what "aggressive" styling should look like and pull off something like this. The rear bumper is all wrong with that nasty black plastic look. Same goes for the over enlarged, no longer sleek looking grill. Nasty. For well done aggressive looks, just sneak a peek at the previous generation BMW M3's front end. Not that the new one is terrible, I just think the previous one was more well rounded (ie. front and rear match better). Aggressive should not look overdone.
  7. MB has done a great job. Style might need some changes. Especially the lights. but in overall, I'm satisfied.
  8. Have you guys seen the Concept car of MB the P11? I think it's like this.
  9. I disagree as well...but that said I love the way this looks and performs that's just my own opinion anyway.

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