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Discussion in '1964 Lotus Cortina' started by pedern, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. The picture of the Cortina is not a 64 cortina! It's 66! You can see it on the large grill and the air vents on the bar behind the rear passenger window! And the small windows can not be opened! It's a 66!
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    it looks like an original ford cortina as well, forgive me if im wrong i havnt seen one for a while but didnt the lotus one have a lotus badge on it on the side?
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    The 63 and 64 Mk1 had a lotus badge in the grill! And a Consul badge on the bonnet, the 65 and 66 Mk1 had not a lotus badge in the grill, but the badge on the bonnet said Cortina, not consul!
    The picture is not of a 64 as the topic says!

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