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Discussion in '2003 Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG' started by Black Devil, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. Its 0-68 in 6.3 while SL500 in 6.5 (cuz then automatic transmision)
    Its 0-68 in 4.8 without the speed delay and whatever other problems this car has.(cuz there alot)
    Any way I would get the Viper cuz its better and the Z8 is kinda ugly just like this...the Z8 dosent look like a BMW much,I dont know how I got this opinion but its better than SL 55 ///crap.
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    get a life ignorant,,,
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    the sl55 can run 0-60 in 4.34 sec, ill send you the part of the motortrend test. why would u want a viper? sure its a little quicker but does it have the refienment of the 55? hell no and it sure as hell doesnt ride like one. ( i think i would know too cuz my dad has an SL55)
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    Sigh... is this another one of those posts that the stats are off by 0.1 seconds???
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    actually its off by half a second and i dont really know wat kind of problems ur talking about when you said theres a lot but i doubt u would. have u driven one? didnt think so
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    SL55 is in 0-100 kph maybe a bit slower than Viper, but in 0-300kph is a bit faster than Murcielago (32.5 sec vs 34.2)!!! The main difference between SL55 and Viper is that SL55 hasn't engine from truck! And BMW Z8 is pretty good car. I like Viper's design, but the engine sucks.
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    Ronaldo is wrong!!! I don't where he got that specifications.
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    The SL does not do it in 6.3 seconds or 4.8. Man you have problems.

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