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  1. 3rd paragraph:"A dual-scroll turbocharger...". Turbos dont have screws like Roots-type superchargers. They're turbines and thats about it. Either GM needs to get a new technical staff or Supercars has to stop editing articles.

    The car is turbocharged. It runs on exhaust gasses and not on the engine's crank. It has dual cam timing, something Hondas have had for years (i-VTEC). Direct injections is also something thats been used in Hondas (racecars, mostly) for some time now to keep/raise power levels and still get better fuel economy.

    This really isnt anything new. its just GMs offering to try to counter Mazda's ever popular Miata/MX-5.
  2. You dummy, your misinterpreting the sentence. The "dual-scroll" doesn't mean what you think it means, because the other half of the sentence says, "...with a lightweight turbine..."
  3. Yes, a turbo has a turbine. So does a centrifugal supercharger, but thats not the case. "Scrolls" are for roots-type blowers.
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  5. aren't scrolls what the bible was first wrote on? case in point.
  6. aren't scrolls what the bible was first wrote on? case in point. one thing is right, only roots type superchargers use screws. also called blades or rotors. and turbo's are not turbines. they're compressers. hense why Mercedes-Benz calls it's blown cars Kompressor (yes i know spellings wrong there). certain parts of the turbo are called turbines, referring to the little multi-bladed thingy that all the air spins. that's it. this 'twin-scroll' crap is new to me, and i'm only 22. more than likely my generation is the one that came up with name.
  7. theres something gay about this car. could someone perhaps tell me what it is?...
  8. i dnt think its the car....its u
  9. so its a bad car because it uses technology thats *shock* already developed, and because it has direct compition with a japanese automanufacturer? this makes it a bad car?

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    If you care what "dual-scroll" means, and are done stabbing each other over the definition, look at this article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twin-turbo Look at "Sequential Twin Turbo". It's the type in the Sky Red Line, Soltice GXP and Opel GT (and earlier in some Beems and Porsches). If you care to know what differnce it makes, I can drop the clutch at a mere 2,500 RPM and feel like I just got kicked in the ass. I hope you enjoy the MX-5, but first isn't always best.

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