WRX crashes through a house

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by catphish, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. Hey! I take offence to that.

    Anyway, as has been mentioned, the guy moves into third at 20ish mph and can't think of what to do in the, umm, I dunno, forever or so it would take to get up to 80? Brakes? Clutch?

    Oh well.
  2. I was just following Spyder's line of logic. Didn't mean to offend you man.
  3. Yeah, I gotcha. It's at least partially true, most under 25 or so WRX drivers seem to be tools.
  4. Ricer. Way to be a failure.
  5. Most drivers on the road seem to be tools.
  6. Wow, what a moron, they ought to take that silly wing off the back and beat him with it. What the hell was he doing driving towards a house at a velocity that made it impossible for him to get the car to stop? The least he could've done was swerved more, he was pretty close to missing the house.
  7. How do you manage to get from the road (even if he is going through a bend) to a house which im guessing is at least 20-25 feet away from the road?? this guy must be horrible
  8. "Wow, what a moron, they ought to take that silly wing off the back and beat him with it."
  9. Dohhhh! Hope the air bags worked well!
  10. $5 for the Turbo Emblem...
  11. maybe he was having a really bad day......couldve been suicide

    oh and i got halo 2 at 1200 this morning its awsome
  12. if you actually READ the other thread and LOOKEED at the pics, you'll see that the airbads didn't go off...
  13. all i know is that when the throttle stuck on my dads minivan, he was fully on the brakes and it wouldn't go below 140kph. when we got out after he pulled it off the highway, the brakes were glowing like mad.
  14. there was a recall issue that had something to do with the throttle on the WRX.
  15. Imprezas are well known to understeer like bastards when they come to the limit.
  16. I had my car serviced for that recall. It was because the cruise control could keep the throttle engaged after the brake was pushed. They installed some sort of clip to keep it from happening.
  17. Another way to stop a car that is throttle stuck is to shift into neutral, in stead of riding the brakes. Or, in an automatic, if things are a little more serious, Shift into park or neutral and shut the engine off. Whatever the case, this guy just didn't get anything right. He should buy something that is more of a match with his driving skills.
  18. Like a Loomis Fargo van.
  19. Yeah, or a rusty chevy caprice
  20. My friend had one and he ran over a fire hydrant and it did almost nothing to the car.
  21. But it probably wasn't going all that fast when it happened.
  22. But it probably wasn't going all that fast when it happened.
  23. Too bad he'll get the money to purchase a new one. That Rex is totalled!
  24. Fast enough to take out fire hydrant.
  25. You don't need to be going very fast to wipe out a hydrant in something as heavy as a caprice.

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