WRX crashes through a house

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by catphish, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. Funny because those bloated over weight "cars" AMG sells out weigh the Caprice.
  2. yea maybe an air bag in the face would teach him not to drive like a total noob.
  3. No, it's not all that funny that AMg's outweigh a caprice. The AMG would kick a caprice's ass any day. It's not always about the weight, but how you are able to overcome it. The E55 AMG outaccererates a C6 Corvette and can carve up corners better than most sedans out there (the M5 and Maserati Quattroporte could probably out corner it) but the E55 rides better and has a very good trade off between ride and handling for those of us who don't have glass-smooth roads.
  4. It sure as hell does not out accelerate C6s.
  5. last time i played GT (either gt3 or prologue) in multiplayer the clk55 amg i used totally owned the z06 (both untouched) my friend had on the straights. so if gt is anything to go by he may have a point.
  6. A CLK55 is about 1.5 seconds slower through the 1/4 than a Z06 in real life.
  7. thats a standing start though.
  8. It will get beat worse passing considering it has an auto trans.
  9. Whats your point...
  10. um...a caprice isn't necessarily loaded with acres of leather, and more gadgets than the space shuttle?
  11. dude, the E55 amg has 700nm of torque and a 5 speed auto.
  12. But it weighs almost 1000lbs more than the Z06.
  13. For some acceleration tests, an E55 will beat a Z06
  14. The old Z06, keep that in mind.
    Edit: Also I would like to see in what tests it out accelerates the Z06 because I can't see it happening.
  15. Old Z06 as in 405 HP Z06...

    Rolling start, a E55 will win... 0-60 will be a tie.. and after about 100, the vette will start to pull ahead...
  16. which is one of the reasons the z06 is faster from a standing start. im not talking about standing starts.
  17. Hopefully you won't hit any turns, then you can forget about a comparison.
  18. newsflash: the new one isn't out?!
  19. True
  20. 2 months
  21. 2 months away isn't right now is it, Einstein?
  22. The E55 does have very impressive numbers though, better than what I was thinking, very close to the Z06 and C6.
  23. No but we have the C6 for now which performs like the old Z06, and quit being such a dick all the time.
  24. So yeah since when does the E55 and Z06 compete in the same market?

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