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  1. I'm doing this flyer for a new car which is available at my shop.

    Just let me know what you think of the design if its attractive, the choice of colors anything that you like or dont like.

    (Mods if you think thats publicity just delete the thread)
  2. not fond of the pink...

    rest looks good and foreign
  3. imo it looks ok, but the color of blue and yellow isnt that good. its looks like the swedish flag, and it just doesnt fit in tehre imo. try darkblue and gold or something which is subarus color on their logo.
  4. designs nice but the colors stand out too much. u want the car to stand out. try black n royal blue, subaru colors w the same design.
  5. I think the pink is fine but there are too types of a colour (eg yellow)
  6. Well actually I have made a mistake thats swedish flag but I wanted the norwegian flag since Petter Solberg is from Norway.Also since the WR1 or Petter Solberg edition elsewhere is a tribute to him thats why I decided to put the norwegian flag in the background except that I got the wrong one.

    Well anyway thanks for the feedback.
  7. You used two different shades of yellow.

  8. dude...

    less clutter is better
  9. how abotu something like this

    i just copied and pasted everything you did
  10. that one is a bazillion times better, IMO...looks more professional
  11. that would certainly get my attention
  12. that would certainly get my attention
  13. It's ok, but i think the STi watermark isn't strong enough and leaves a kind of empty effect in the middle.
  14. it would be stronger if the logo i copy and pasted from was bigger so i can change the contrast.. it doesnt matter, its just something i conjured up
  15. Black one looked better... The swedis flag-one would look better if the colors would be darker (someone mentioned royal blue&black)... BTW Pink and yellow don't mix.ever.

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