WTF are the Bentley Boy's smoking?

Discussion in '2002 Bentley State Limousine' started by alexchu, Aug 9, 2002.

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    To begin, i'd like to clarify that i'm a huge Bentley fan, but i'm hugely disappointed by this car.

    What in the world are the Bentley designers trying to do?! I know that the 'classic' styles and shapes are coming back into fashion, but really, this is just plain ugly! No rich, self-respecable wo/man would want to be seen in this car! I has no sense of elegance and class! The only thing that says 'rich' is the Bentley badge.

    In actual fact, that is wrong with the entire car industry lately? I dont think i've been impressed with the recent limosenes that have made it into the market. The BMW 7-series is a great car, but really, who would buy it? its dog-ugly! Next up is the Maybach, yes i know, its also a great car, but it looks like it's come out of the US, and really, what truly elegant car comes out of the US? And now this...disappointing!

    I hope the Bentley car designers get off the drugs and start pumping out some real designs! That message should be followed by the other manufacturers as well!!

    thank you.
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    Those bently boys are probably smoking weed rolled in hundred dollar bills, that's what.<!-- Signature -->
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    Ya know... that's probably about right too.<!-- Signature -->
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    I like this car, and would take it in a heartbeat. It's styling is not much different than that of a Jaguar S-Type. I could only imagine the miles of burled walnut, connoly leather, and lambs wool rugs, comprising it's lavish interior appointments.<!-- Signature -->
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    dude they smokin the Gold Leaf cuz this shit is for the queen and shit she's a queen they must have got PAID!! and it ain't gonna be a main product or anything it's juss for the super rich kings, queen, Bin ladden's and ASS FACES like that so i wouldn't plan on buying 1 unless you own a huge chunk of Texas or France or sumphin<!-- Signature -->

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