WTF does flank drive mean?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by 944turb0, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Flank drive wrenches? Wut it dew?
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  3. I think it means it grabs the flats of a nut instead of the points?
  4. I think you might be right.
  5. Question #2!!! What's the difference between Snap-On and Blue Point wrenchs? I mean, wtf?!
  6. No idea. I almost want to say value line, but there were a couple things on the Snap-on site that were Blue Point and still a bit expensive.

    The Blue Point brand is owned by Snap-on, however.
  7. I'm tihnking value line too. Im asking because I'm planning on buying some blue-point combo wrenches (can't even find the snap-on brand sets on thier site, wtf) I'd be super pissed if I spent all the moeny and they don't come with the quality/warranty of Snap-On.
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  10. Generally blue-point is a snap-on approved tool that is made by a different manufacturer.

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