wtf?!?!? engine is wrong!!!

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  1. This website is wrong (again). The engine is not just a V8, it is a supercharged V8 with a Roots-type blower. They've got the horsepower wrong too I think: I think it is about 20 or 30 more than that. I got my information from Motor Trend, which I trust a lot more than this site, even though this is my favorite car site on the internet. This site just has too many errors, and they need to update the is getting veeeeeeeeery boring!!!
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    Err, actually you got it backwards. The car makes 400hp (DIN) which translates to 390hp (SAE).
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    Well I wasn't totally sure about the horsepower part, thanks for fixing that up for me, but my MAIN point was that this is not just a plain V8, it is a supercharged V8 with a Roots-type blower. That is the only point I was trying to get across, although I was also trying to hint that they need to redesign the site, but oh well about that. Anyways, does anybody know how I can take symbols from other sites and make them my own avatar? I would appreciate any help.
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    If it's just a picture righ click it and save it in my pictures. I dont know how to get the animated ones though.
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    Thank you for your help.
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    Okay, maybe so. But tell me, what exactly is DIN and SAE? I'm not too familiar with the B in BHP either (ive heard Brake). Any help is appreciated!
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    the B in BHP is Base Horse Power (the amount of horsepower the engine creates). for front wheel drive cars, this is about equal to the horsepower they put into the ground. for rear wheel drive cars, however, they also have a stat called RWHP (or RWP), which is rear wheel horse power (the horse power that they transfer to the ground at the rear wheels). as far as DIN and SAE, i believe that they are just the american and imperial units of meausrement for horsepower.
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    BHP stands for Brake Horse Power. This is simply a term used when horsepower is measured at either the drive wheels or the engine flywheel. The term brake horsepower is used because the dynamometer uses a brake to slow the engine so the amount of braking force needed to overcome the force of the engine is the engine's horsepower.

    As for "SAE" and "DIN"...

    SAE stands for Society of American Engineers. Back in 1972, the government mandated automobile manufacturers to use an industry standard for output ratings. There was no standard before this time, which is why many famous American muscle cars had much higher power outputs than advertised. The SAE system also declared that the engine must be tested with all air cleaners, mufflers, etc., as well as any other engine powered device attached and in working order.

    DIN stands for The Deutsche Institut fur Normung (I had to look that one up!). It's just basically the same as SAE, but they test engines at a certain temperature and barometric pressure.

    Unfortunately for us, manufacturers don't test wheel horsepower, which is the actual amount of power applied to the ground from the wheels after the power loss from the drivetrain.
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    Now here's somebody who did his homework.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> Why can't everyone else on this site be like that?
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    damn. very nice job.
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    motortrend showed the 450HP Arden version, that was his source of the HP error.
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    You're correct it is Brake Horse Power. However, SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers and specifies that the engine be tested 'bare' with a straight through exhaust and no accessory drives. This is a good way of determinig what power the ENGINE puts out but not the car as a whole. The DIN standard specified testing power more or less installed (which includes drivetrain) so that you get power output at the wheels. It doesn't matter wether it is Front, Rear or Four Wheel Drive. Naturally SAE figures are slightly higher.
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    Wow. Very nicely done.

    I've always wondered about the B in BHP, also.

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