Wtf: just got a warning for my room being messy

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by lucky strike, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. From the residence narks here, is my room REALLY that messy?
  2. LOL @ res narks. They really don't care what your room looks like here.
  3. No, but its grainy as shit.
  4. WUT lol they sound like morons
  5. how is that anyones business but yours
  6. go down there and tell them to leave you the #$%# alone, they probably wont ever come back after showing them pictures. most of them are pussies that dont like confrontation.
  7. I don't know, maybe you can find a shittier camera to take more pictures with.
  9. I dont know how you get any work done in a room that blurry.
  10. i cant see shit of your room there. get a decent camera and take some decent angles, asshole!
  11. LOL nice nice
  12. You get warnings for a room being too messy?
  13. Dude, it's fine. You should make a poll, with really good pictures. Post it here as soon as you can, and we will all vote in your favor. Then show the Res and be like f- off beeotch! He will respect you. If anything he will espect you.
  14. I think my idea is really great btw.
  15. You took a lot of pictures, but you probably shouldn't let anyone see them.
  16. I used the webcam on my laptop cause its all I have lol

    So yeah they warned me that next time its a $50 fine

    #$%# off
  17. yea my res narks* always are like "you need to keep your room clean!" and all "wash the dishes" and "pick up your grandparents!"

  18. Is it a written warning?

    If so, leave it crumpled up in the middle of your floor.
  19. Yeah, same with the rest of the house but thats understandable... but a my own bedroom is just over the top

    Besides, they just walked right into my room unannounced too, i was pretty pissed off
  20. burn the building down
  21. Why would guys in a house give you a warning for a room being messy?
  22. No its like the people who work on res or something, they check on houses/crash parties that are going on too late/etc
  23. tell them #$%#s to fark awwfff
  24. Yes, it's messy. So pick your shit up!
  25. layout of townhouse

    I'm on the bottom floor, which is kind of nice cause theres only one other guy down here with me most of the time. And every weekend he goes home or hes at work at tim hortons almost every week night.

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