WTF: PT Cruiser Cop Car?

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  1. Chrysler Jeep has provided a not so secret, yet very effective weapon to both the South Australian and Victorian Police in the campaign to foster the relationship between young people and the police.

    2004, but still, wtf.
  2. to foster the relationship between young people and the police.

  3. the Victorian Police knows exactly what young people want.
  4. The only things stopping the two middle aged men driving this car around being publicly ridiculed by the youth are the stickers on the side.
  5. That's not what the youth wants, but whatever. Lotsd of room for police-stuff in the back
  6. this was covered in a Wheels mag years ago.
    they had the classic line, "with a 0-60 of 11 seconds, the crinimals will be laughing all the way FROM the bank."
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  8. WTF That Is So Wrong For a Police Car & BTW Wat Country Is Tat
  9. thanks for bumping an old thread, and considering it says "both the South Australian and Victorian Police", I think its safe to say its Australia.....
  10. Assuies must drive slow.
  11. nah, its cause the country has an ageing population, and the legislators think they have to legislate for granny in her magna shes had since the 80's. They should have gone with the suburwrx cars they were trialing a few years back, 1998 or 99 i think
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  13. There's a green '99 wrx unmarked car based at the French's Forest station near me.

    I hate the unmarked cops in XR8s with fake stripe packs that are everywhere now. I got done by one the other day. $78 and 3 points later...
  14. Not every police car is supposed to, or needs to, engage in pursuit activities.
  15. It's called Public Relations, or PR for short.
  16. i actually think this is a brilliant idea. NOBODY would want to be seen in the back of that car.
  17. Usually they get a good car for such things.
  19. I've seen them here in Newfoundland. We always laugh when we see one.
  20. bee bop, bee bop....
  21. if the aussies or anyone else for that matter wants a good PR car or a good interceptor then they should take some pointers for the Japanese are the koreans.

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