1. Nuff Said. What was the universal purpose of this thing going to be since it couldn't steer?
  2. Re:

    my guess is,since it couldn't steer,American style drag racing,ha!
  3. Re: WTF?

    it looks lika teardrop, because People are gonna cry when they see this POS.
  4. Re: WTF?

    when i see tear drops i dont cry, dumbass
  5. Re: WTF?

    The guy that made it was trying to kill Himself because it was to ugly!!That's the reason it dosen't stear.
  6. Re: WTF?

    ferrari...i thought u were cool..lol
  7. Re: WTF?

    wtf was ferrari thinking??? no sterring?? it looks like a boat how GAY!
  8. Re: WTF?

    It can't stear because there is no space for neither front nore back wheels to turn.
  10. This is ridiculous. It doesn't even remotely resemble a Ferrari.
  11. This looks like my grandmothers broken wheelchair. UGLY!
  12. A drag race car without steering? Hmm..?

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