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  1. Dammn how do I not get caught?
  2. you will get caught 4 outta 5 times when you first start. You just have to keep going so you can "practice" and get better at commiting crimes.
  3. I'll aadd you to friend list, both moo and Vette.
  4. Anybody on TMN right now I need a transporter and a Weapons guy. It pays really well.
  5. i got a viper
  6. I'm on, what town? I'll be transporter as I'm still ammo-less, but having a nice garage.
  7. Time to head off to work.
  8. Noob question: Whats the tag for getting the pics in your sig?
  9. Yo people, Im back..... Whos NOT in Tokyo?
  10. Anybody have 2 pistols or one machine gun and ammo?? I need a weapons guy. You dont need many bullets
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  12. I pickpocket a guy, and he threatent me...

    you just pickpocket sexy_boi rite and he is my bruv knw send his money bak knw or u die u get im giving u 3mins and if u dont do it u gonna die never pickpocket my bruv ever agen
    On 12/31/2004 11:06:14 AM, RG wrote:

    On 12/31/2004 11:05:11 AM, Thug_4_u_baby wrote:
    hey #%!@ why u pickpocket my bruv sext_boi 4 send his money bac knw i l will kill send his money back knw and i mean knw do u understand

    Sorry I didn't understand what you said there.

    Can somebody help me crack this messenges?
  13. How are we going to split the OC jackpot? I thought of

    OC jackpot minus expenses of everyone = "x"
    "x" split through 4 = amount per person
    everyone agree?
  14. Thug_4_u_baby protects sexy_boi obviously. You pickpocketed sexy_boi. Send the money back to him that you stole, beacuse killing can be considered being a pretty serious thing.
  15. I don't pickpocket anyway, whenever I'm hitman or higher I'll think of it, yet I'm just a "goon", which is rank 3.
  16. Whats bullet where you are? They are sick-expensive in London.
  17. Im DMWT in the game. Im at about 60ish thousand right now, but I also was an idiot and blew my first 20,000 on roulette.

    But how do you get protection and joing all these groups?
  18. Its hard to get into the networks! you got to earn your way into them!
    You have to earn or buy protection too.
  19. Nobody online right now EH?
  20. So I found a glitch, and I can double my money as many times as I want by buying/selling drugs. I've gone from ~$9000 to $200000 in a couple of minutes. I can still only carry 5g of drugs though, the pricks. Will I get caught/banned?
  21. how did you do it?
  22. I bought drugs at some price, and when I got to the next screen the prices changed. I just kept buying/hitting 'back'/selling/etc.
  23. anyone want a maserati spider? i have two

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