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  1. Cant post/send pm's. Everytime he tries he gets "Sorry,

    You are only allowed to make 100 posts per day. Please try again tomorrow."

    And he hasnt posted 100 times.

    **** this site.
  2. i have the same problem "w00t here"
  3. aye, same here, MooSquad represent

    Danno has this problem too btw
  4. I have the same problem.

    Edit: Wait! No I don't! I'm posting right now! lol!
  5. Simmo hasn't made 100 posts today, but apparently he has. WUUUUUTTTTTTTTTT
  6. Same issue for SlaYeR nao.
  7. im still unable to post.
  8. Tabarnak!! It's still not working. You're encouraging people to create second accounts
  9. Signing in, GODVERDOMME.
  10. xDRAN0x, Big Rob, Lucky Strike, AMGrulz...
  11. Wute, Simmo
  13. no problems here
  14. I am back?
  15. Ugh, the saga continues. Still not working for me
  16. Muy komrade MooSquad can not say anythen too
  17. SC.net go bang!!!
  18. yeah still can't post. hello?!!!!!!!!!!!!! ffs, don't be lazy and fix this shit.
  19. I am now #$%#ed too


    edit: this is #$%#ing retarded
  20. SC.net is slowly killing itself
  21. For a member on a free site, you b!tch a lot. Try asking nicely.
  22. You as well?! There's no way you make it to 100 posts in over a week
  23. when asking doesn't help, you #%[email protected]

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