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  1. How many more members need to ask it nicely, really?
  2. If I had a free website and I opened a thread like this to find people like wute slagging off about me, I'd probably go back to whatever else I was doing and let the site stew in it for a few more days.

    I probably worded it wrong, so yes, granted a lot of people have asked nicely, but if you're not going to ask nicely, don't ask at all.
  3. are you retarded or something?
  4. dude he makes a lot of money off the ads, put that money in the website ffs.
  5. Money isn't the problem. It's commitment. It's really not that hard to improve the software on here.
  6. it's like life, things fall and break
  7. And sometimes you wake and have to create a whole new identity for yourself because your previous one just stopped working overnight.
  8. life lessons brought to you by scnet
  9. And then you fix them...

    edit: lol I can post again
  10. So can I!

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