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  1. Found a shot of the LM version on the road in Japan. Picture was taken in 2007.

  2. Green LM again.

  3. This be new?

  4. There is an LM version!!??

    Whats the difference, apart from the intake?
  5. 7.4 litres I think, 750bhp rumoured.

    Intake and more bodywork differences.

    No idea how many were made (I read seven somewhere but don't know where) but they're all seemingly hidden around Japan.
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    Little bump.

    Over on ten-tenths, someone has posted that they've bought Cor Euser's car, the one which originally wore #7

    As I remember it was a bit of a mystery which chassis it was and maybe it may have worn #17 whilst racing at a later date, along with a massive rear wing.

    The owner mentioned it was chassis #007 in the past so there we go.

    Another poster above mentioned he's just looking for a road gearbox for a racing version, hopefully the chassis number will be known soon.

  7. Epic snaps.

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  9. Been a long time since this thread was updated so I've no real idea where we got up to.

    Was watching some Best Motoring videos and found the first part of the test of the yellow car.

    By some surprise when they're introducing it they include a shot of the chassis plate at 01.44.

    #019 and built in 1991.

    Nice to have that little mystery cleared up.



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