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  1. The XU1 was released in 2 models the LJ (pictured) and the LC which was the first ever XU1 produced!!!!

    Also the XU2 was a different body shape to the XU1. When rumours were flying around about the XU2 it was supposed to be a sports coupe, similar to the Holden Giocattolo (pronounced-g-cat-a-low) and yes it was going to be produced with a 308 or 5 litre v8!!!
  2. Re: XU1 HAD 2 MODELS

    It [the socalled XU2] was actually called the GTR-X and was at the Sydney motor show in 1975 or 76.
  3. The LJ GTR XU-1 V8 (official GMH model code) was never going to be called the XU-2! According to Harry Firth, it is and always will be called the GTR XU-1 V8. Also the XU-1 V8 used a standard XU-1 body shell with some modifications to handle the extra power and weight of the V8.

    The XU-2 was actually going to be used as the name for the new LH V8 Torana, until they changed it to SL/R5000.
  4. No. It was always going to be the GTR-X.

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