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    I hated in the past but now that the karma system is off and the flaming wars are being avoided I feel taht scnet has progressed even if the layout is a bit wack and the posting of pictures is almost harder than ever...
    I will consider myself a scnet junkie from now on bcuz quite frankly this is one of the only places online where the users post some of the most amazing car pictures ever...

    heres my stuff check it out and let me know what you think...
    ill also be posting alot less on topics but i will continue posting pictures as sharing is what the internet is all about...
    -supercar/super luxury/ graffitti truck sightings
    -scenic pictures
    If your intrested in my work I have more that doesnt fit into any of these categories, message me to find out more...

    heres a sample from each category..

    pic 1 is from the 2004 Player's Run Start in NYC
    pic 2 is one of the random Supercar sightings in NYC
    pic 3 is of a graffitti truck sighted in downtown NYC
    pic 4 is a pic of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts (MET) in NYC

    All my pics are High Res.. (for loading purposes these are small)
  2. I love your pics.
  3. That's some awesome work.
  4. thnx
    hopefully ill land a good photography internship...

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