Y R U all idiots?????

Discussion in '2002 Ford Focus SVT' started by plumber60, Dec 23, 2002.

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    are you guys all retarded? seriously, this is the SVT Focus Forum, not the WRC Focus, or the production RS. We have one guy who thinks he's a rally car racer and another who thinks you have to have been raised by a redneck to dislike "Jap Crap." Oh wait, thats the same person... let me tell you this, I have been raised under a wealthy family not even close to being "red neck" and I still cant stand MOST japanese cars. sure if you want a lot of horsepower go to the jap's, but if you're looking for torque (which you should be because thats what gets you off the line, not horsepower) you better go somewhere else. and one of the reasons you dont see STi around here (the US) is because they dont pass emissions yet. and also I would just like to laugh at whoever has "anyone who thinks the nsx is over priced doesnt know the first thing about the car" as their quote, because the nsx is ridiculously over priced, expecially the type R. sure they're fast, but for 100,000 I would hope the car comes with pamela anderson to give me road head whenever I want. and dont give me this crap about how you think i've never driven one, because I have, and while they are fast and what not, you buy almost any decent starter car and spend the price difference on mod's, you can get something faster.
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    Nope, I think it's just you.

    For the most part we're discussing the SVT Focus, but when the RS gets brought up to defend this, I feel obliged to respond accordingly, numbnuts.

    Hmm, gee, I rally race at an amateur level, compete in events regularly. After one year of competing casually, I've come in 3rd in a provincial TSD championship, 1st overall in 2 events, and have also placed 2nd 4th, 7th and 8th in my class, I have 2 more events to compete in this year (one in October and one in November), if things work out (i.e. I don't have to leave the province again next summer), me and my co-driver plan to compete in all the events we are eligible to compete in, next year. hmmmm....even if I didn't have rally related career plans and only raced as a hobby, that would still make me a rally racer would it not. BTW - I've only driven one fully rally prepped car, and I was not racing at the time, so why the HELL would I think I'm a Rally CAR racer??? No fool, I'm just an amateur rally racer.

    Sorry, It sounds as if you're a spoiled, hypocritical "rich kid" with deluded values who has been overexposed to the ryced out Japanese cars that plague our streets, but has not seen a good Japanese car in action. OMFG, wait that's almost as bad (if not worse) than a redneck.

    Um, revving a Honda S2000 at 6000 rpm (as it's designed to do) when you release the clutch will get it off the line a little faster than the Mustang GT with considerably more torque, I think you'd better recheck your theory there Alex Cabot. High torque is in no way advantageous over hp at high rpms Unless: A) you can't drive worth shit (in which case you probably shouldn't be driving a car that's designed to perform on windy roads) or B) you're carrying a heavy load and need to maintain a constant speed uphill (refer to brackets at the end of point "A")

    Refer to F1 cars for another example, if you're confused then think about this: do you honestly think that an F1 car would be anywhere near as fast as it is if it had 900lbft torque and 300hp instead of vice versa??? don't think on that too hard, I'll give you a hint: you're half wrong.

    and I reiterate: you don't know the car very well then, rather than looking at the paper to judge the NSX, ponder the fact that it's beaten cars that cost half again what the NSX costs, once hitting the track, or regular roads. Also look at the quality of the car. And lastly what Production NSX ever costed 100,000??? the type-R is under $90,000 (I assume you mean USD). BTW - when a car company doesn't make a profit on a car it sells, they're either A) selling the car for too cheap (which we've already nixed as a possibility) or B) designing a car that's better than it appears. Oh, and then there's also the fact that the NSX has beaten American cars in straight line acceleration, American cars which are designed for straight line acceleration and have considerably more power, hmm I wonder how an NSX-T could beat a Mustang SVT Cobra in the 1/4....oh, that's right the quality of the drivetrain, and power delivery....what other cars was it that were extremely expensive despite having normal power and torque figures again. Oh yeah, WRC spec cars, ex: WRC spec Subaru Impreza - 315hp, 330lbft torque (certainly not $450,000 worth of power increase), and yet the car is valued at $500,000. Now, why do you think it's valued so highly??? In a large part it's due to the drivetrain, the traction control is so good, it's capable of pulling off 3.8sec (on dirt) 0-100. Now that's a very good sign that a good drivetrain will raise the value of a car exponentially.

    So, how many cars do you know of, weigh as much as the NSX, have 280hp, and can accelerate to 100km/h in under 5 seconds. Not many. So, why don't you try factoring in the drivetrain S.F.B..

    Now I wonder if when you drove that NSX, did you drive it like you would a Camaro, or did you drive it like you would an F1 car???

    And in actuality the STI produces fewer harmful emissions than the vast majority of American sports cars, however American emissions laws require different emissions to be produced. If Emissions laws were the same (in either way), the STI would easily pass while producing the same power, but instead they increased the displacement so they could lower the boost and still pass the emissions laws, and it's available here, where have you been???<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/confused.gif"></A>~

    Boy, is modified speed all you care about? the NSX would still be the better car, and invest an additional 10,000 into that car, as well as 10,000 just into making the NSX faster, and yet again the NSX would be faster and better handling......."buy almost any decent starter car and spend the price difference on mod's, you can get something faster." please, what an unimaginative, overused, and weak argument.....it's apparent that if you are indeed from a wealthy family, it only ruined your personality in how poorly you were raised...ahem...spoiled brat.
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    so you dont like it cause its a hatchback huh? oooh, an idiot. so it may be ugly, but WHO CARES!? thats almost as bad as saying "im not gonna buy a subaru cause its japanese!" most the people reading this probably know something about cars, so think of this... do you even have any idea of what you could do to these...? <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

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