Yamaha YCS1?

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  1. Anywhere I can find some decent info on it? I'm looking at possibly getting a bike and the YCS1 seems like it might be what I'm looking for... relatively cheap, very easy to ride and I love the way they look with a set of cafe style bars. The one I found for sale is a 180CC 2-stroke 2 cylinder. How reliable (or unreliable) would it be? I imagine it'd get pretty good gas mileage, but would it be horribly slow? Any info or a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I found a couple sites with some info, but not really what I'm looking for.
  2. This is what I'm looking at/want. Photoshopped slightly to reflect a couple of mods I'd like to make.
  3. You should ride it for a while with the stock handlebars before you put the new ones on.
  4. Single side leather bag for your SLR? Style would rule out any kind of backpack.

    I saw a SR500 a week ago, which would be cool too, Ill try to get a good picture of it as I'm definitely going to see it again, maybe even as soon as tomorrows local bike meeting.
  5. sik
  6. I've had two 68's and yes they are hard to find. Prepare to spend thousands on the 'cheap' bike you want to replace the proper NOS parts, and unless you know how to work on them yourself you will also find it very difficult to find any decent mechanic who has the time and patience to work on a two stroke and when they do they will almost always make it their last priority. Overall these bikes are very much worth the time and effort you will need to put into them. A very fun, fast ride. I've found them on craigslist, kagege sp? and ebay. Good luck and if you do find one I strongly suggest locking it down securely ALWAYS!
  7. Old bikes in general tend to be oil leaks and week end projects. I rather like that bike but its the sort of thing you may spend your free time fixing.

    Kawasaki made a bike called the Sherpa which was a 100cc 2 stroke but they discontinued it in 2001 or so.

    Also check out the Yamaha TW200. A little more modern style of that bike.
  8. Wheres your kit car panzy boy?!

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