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    ha ha you said it
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    if only it were a volkswagen......
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    this is beutiful.... i love this damn car
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    Star light, Star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, win the lottery to buy this car...Alright?
  5. WOW!

    this car is absolutely great. But It's only a show car
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    Nah, cant imagine that.
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    This is a production car although they are only going to make 800 (probably) instead of the previously shown number of 1500 they will make 1500 in the next 2 years.
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    As far as I knoe 4500 total will be made. about 1000 the first year and then the other 3500 split between the next three.
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    Yea there should be 4500 made in total but i dont know if it will be 800 this year or 1000. I still havent heard any definate words about it.
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    I say they should make a few more to race at Le Mans, hehe.
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    Yea maybe make a few Le Mans teams... like maybe 3 or 4 teams or maybe if we really want to get into it a lot which i would like to see but i just would have to say somethin to Ford if they let the Le Mans version be able to be beaten badly.
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    I wanna see:
    Shelby American
    Roush Racing
    Saleen Racing
    Steeda Racing
    All get involved in the Ford GT racing program SHOULD Ford let them race on their behalf.
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    Yea when all of these companys get involved with a car..... it is going to do goood!!!!!!

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