Yellow 3, Green 1

Discussion in '2005 Aston Martin DBR9' started by Erica Ferrari, Mar 31, 2006.

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  2. It's 4 to 1 now!
  3. Yeah, but the DBR9 can fly!
  4. Well I think that the ALMS have shown that the squeaky wheel gets the oil. In this case its the vette team. They complained to IMSA, and hey what do you know....they are mysteriously faster than the astons......doesnt surprise me at all. Atleast aston doesnt go and whine to the officials, and actually take the penalties like a man. "Free the C6R" you say...i say "Free the DBR9 from its penalty strangleholds"!!!
  5. They run perfectly equal at Le Mans and Corvette has won both times they've faced each other. No Corvette wasn't faster, but Le Mans isn't about speed, it's about endurance.

    And if you're going to say that Prodrive "took the penalties like men", well that's just laughable. They threatened to leave the series.

    Here's an Idea Aston. BUILD A BETTER CAR.

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