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  2. Generally applying too much binary thinking to sexuality, combined with an intolerant religious upbringing does create some confused people.

    I have seen this happen.

  3. Also wtf do people actually yelp gas stations?
  4. I see him pretty often. He just had a second kid, another boy. Currently drives a murano though.
  5. Who, Andrew? I saw on Facebook. I only get Jew Crew on Facebook. And Jean Marie.
  6. My 5-star members come in two categories...

    5-star cos they're batshit crazy entertainment creators... e.g:

    5-star cos cool, e.g:
  7. Murano??

  8. I actually quite like the new design language nissan is on. The Maximas look #$%#ing great.
  9. religion can be such a #$%#ing bummer
  10. How the #$%# did I get 5 stars?

    Also, life update, I have my bachelors and masters degrees now, a house, a wife, and I teach high school English.
  11. Opposite actually, was working through a lot of home shit that I was in no way equipped to process (what teenager is?).

    Once I moved out for school the drugs and the dudes all kind of went away. Looking back the guys thing was 1) pathological hatred of women due to home life and 2) being a horny teen with absolutely no contact with girls. It's a long story, but I'm pretty low contact with my family, planning on going no contact before reproducing. So, no worries, no crazy stuff going on.

    Anyway, thanks to you Veyronman for all your support in that time and in general. This site was such a huge outlet for me, especially ages 13 - 17.
  12. Does your wife know about your past penis affairs?
  13. Ye, and a lot more than ever made it on here. She's pretty great.
  14. I suddenly feel old
  15. nogger sis deserves 10/5 stars
    Quality troll, has a hot sister, only other member from my state of Western Australia
    5 stars

    Pretty sure this guy was retarded and I don't like retards
    1 star
  17. Burner - 3 stars. Always manages to both entertain and annoy.
  18. Tell us more about your family.

    This is some genuinely intriguing stuff.
  19. How does one have no contact with girls? Single-sex school? Prison? Hitlerjugend?
  20. Fair enough man. It's good to hear you're happy and not brainwashed.
  21. There are a few people on this site who are like #$%#ing Beetlejuice.
  22. Whilst I like the fact that I've been bestowed with 5 starts I'm struggling to figure out why.
  23. Word, congtars Sox. Sounds like you met an amazing woman to accept your past. And, 5 stars because you would make intelligent posts, and even if we disagreed, you weren't a douchetard about it. Plus I liked your old avatar.
    And, yes, this shit is making me feel old now too RoboJem.
  24. Scores are averaged so you only lose stars based on number of votes, so don't worry you may still go down

    also I updated scores


    5 stars
    tranny go bang
  25. Where can you even vote?

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