's a KIA

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    Kia just unveiled the Koup concept in NEw York this morning, and... I like.

    Here's the important bits:
    *2.0 L, twin-urbocharged I4
    *290hp / 289 lb-ft torque
    *Its not fu*ck ugly
    *It looks productions ready!
  2. Oh Hai Honda Civic.

    But seriously... wow. Do Like.
  3. in before civic
  4. I dig that hot-air balloon in the background
  5. That's pretty cool.
  6. That looks really good

  7. flintstone kinda drive
  8. Um honda civic?
  9. Twin turbo Korean Civic.
  11. Hehe could be fun to drive
  12. Production model wouldn't look anything like it.
  13. not a fan of the wheels on this one, but maybe on the production version they would work...

    looks good overall though
  14. Mission failed.
  15. Introduce the new Kia EVO Civic X
  16. if that was a hyundai, id be totally in love... but i don't have that much respect for kia still.
  17. FWD
  19. Looks rather nice, and sounds pretty good too.

    If Kia's going to get serious they need to get themselves a new logo. Something that doesn't have the word 'Kia' in it.
  20. if Kia threw RWD into the mix..... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  21. Looks better than any Cobalt/POS/Amerikan car.
  22. So does my breakfast after 24 hours of digestion.
  23. Good point.

    edit: taking into consideration that you eat cock for breafast.
  24. once they productionize it, it will definitely be a Kia

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