yes its in production

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  1. i went to the all ford nationals in carlise pa were they had the creator of this american beast and some other there in carlise pennsylvania not 3 days before carlise ford gave the gt40 the go ahead in pruduction it will be sold in the us and will kill a viper unoffical horse power around 550 now u tell me viper aint done not to mention the engine roars like a lion ready to kill not this hissing and whing u hear out of v10's nothing sounds like a v8 rumbling at 7,500 rpms and nothing can beat ford
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    I'll take the viper anyday, looks better
    also I've seen a gt40 in New Zealand, not a bad car, but the owner told me the engine isnt built to last and that it feels like it only pulls around [email protected] at most but this could be due to the gearing the diff ratios and the quality of NZ fuel.
    his car was also featured in a NZ car video series called high octane
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    That car can't be the same car as the new GT40 since they haven't produced any except the few show cars yet. This most likely a replica.

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