Yet Again, America Takes The Cake

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    "Clarkson organized a simple off-road SUV test for an Escalade, Hummer and a Range Rover. You can " The Hummer (atleast the H1) wasn't designed as an "SUV". It was designed for both terrain traversing and military capabilities, which includes towing, hauling, etc. For your round of the mill camping trip, I'm sure a RR is more desirable. Don't underlook the H1's many capabilities, which although non-military people may never actually take advantage of, are still very much a part of the vehicle.

    I think large SUVs like Tahoes, Excursions, etc. are an embarassment but since you asked why people buy them I will give you an answer. Big US SUV's are for carrying lots of people and lots of crap comfortably. Simply put. R350's just don't cut it when you and 6 friends want to BBQ at the beach and bring your five surfboards with you.

    It's not that US engineering is bad, we just aren't implementing it well in our auto markets. If the US military stressed a need for a economical, affordable, well built, stylish, fast, and torquey car with a 2 ton payload, trust me, it would be made.

    The whole stylish thing is obviously a matter of opinion when you mentioned Lambos, Ferraris, etc. I do like Italian designs, but not all European cars have the same 'wow' effect. Maseratis, A.R., Bugattis, they are all nice cars, but thir badge doesn't ensure automatic aesthetic appeal. And you can't deny me that all Porches (even the SUV they made) look like they came out of the same batch. The Z06, Ford GT, S7, Viper, GT500, all are good looking cars in their own respect. It's all subjective. But do take into consideration the cost difference between any of these cars and their European competitors. The Ford GT is (according to numerous road tests and trusted magazines) almost neck to neck with the Ferrari Enzo in terms of all around performance, but for 1/6 the price. Compare that to the Z06 which is almost as fast as the Ford GT, and you have supercar performance at a proce of $80,000. There is no room for complaints when you just saved $400,000. Want a better interior? I think $400,000 covers the cost.
  2. I think you're right.
  3. Z06 is absolutely a good car. I'd still work 200 years more and go buy a Ford GT, Dodge Viper or anything else with the extra money. The Ford GT is just astonishing.
    I can't help it but I value cars as pieces of art. Their design can be artistic, their engines can be pieces of art... In some cars like Zonda almost everything is art.
    So we value different aspects of cars then, and it's OK.

    Purdue Ernie started this topic with a retarded post about how American Engineering once again dwarfed anything else in the world with Z06...

    The Germans make a good car every other month. If they were marching everywhere "Zee look, Amis, wir haben ein gutes Auto hergestellt! Sieg Heil!", It'd piss me off. That guy pissed me off.

    I totally agree with your last comment except for one thing. I'd still pay the extra $400
    000 for the interior and the looks. For the something special. And I hope you understand, why.
  4. The Ariel Atom is less than half the price of the Corvette.
  5. A ZO6 is a car for someone who can't afford a real supercar. It's chintzy, it's cheesy, and it tells the world that you have an ENORMOUS ego and have probably cheated on your poor wife who loves you 6 or 7 times. I mean have you SEEN the people that drive these things? Go to LA and you'll know what I'm talking about. I swear I hope they got their asses kicked in high school a lot.

    And don't get me started on the interior.....

    this whole car is made of styrofoam!
  6., what your saying is that if I bought one of these I'd be one those people as well with an "ENORMOUS" "ego"!?! Besides I'd never cheat on my wife when and "IF" I had a wife and drove one of these anyways!!
  7. That's quite a stretch, don't ya think?
  8. yet again, america takes the cake!!!?????

    hahahahah americans cant make cars at all they are built down to a price that why they are so cheap, they are just underengineered rubbish. and what do u mean takes the cake, the zo6 is OK on a track but rubbish everywhere else. americans cant make proper cars and never will
  9. Unfortunately, neither can Koenigsegg. See I can be an a**hole to, but since that's said I'm waiting for the day cutting labor costs bit, GM, Ford and Chrysler fall for good, because this is there third time getting bailed out by the U.S. government. The "big three" bailout prices are right here:

    GM: around $20 billion

    Ford: around $15-$20 billion

    Chrysler: $25 billion

    HUH, it seems the days of the Detroit's big three are indeed in trouble, possibly for good.
  10. okay yeah you really need to die

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