Yet another generic "supercar"

Discussion in '2000 Saker SV1' started by lotus87, May 21, 2003.

  1. I am sick and tired of seeing all of these pseudo-supercars that trash this website. It really says something when a guy has a great idea, and he doesn't know how to evolve it into something that will sell.
  2. Your a #$%#ing wanker.. piss off.
  3. Your a #$%#ing wanker.. piss off.
  4. Your a #$%#ing wanker.. piss off.
  5. Your a #$%#ing wanker.. piss off.
  6. I agree- about the car, not the status of your wankitude. Supercar? 'Superkit' is more like it. Why do we need this when Ultima does the insanely light closed-roof racer for the street thing so well? I'd never heard of it until I clicked on it, and now I see why.
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