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  1. Hello supercars, it's been a while since I've been around these parts. I stopped posting during the sc.net meltdown, starting hanging around sb.net instead, and then pretty much gave up on the sb/sc community as a whole. Nothing personal, we just sort of drifted apart. But we can still keep it casual, right?

    Ahem. Anyway, the last time I posted here I was a high school student living in Chicago, and now I am a consenting, legally drinking adult living in Paris. Things have changed a bit, but the long and short of it is I've only been in Paris for about a week and speak very little French, and I'm really hurting for someone to speak English to. I'm living with my cousin for the next couple months, who is American, but she is in school and has her own group of friends and basically I have a ton of free time and not a whole lot (minus the tourist stuff, which I've been doing in moderation) to occupy myself with. I know some of you guys live on this continent, so I was hoping you might have suggestions for what one might do in the beautiful city of Paris to make friends that speak enough English to hold a decent conversation.
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  3. Learn to speak French, LOL.
  4. Can't remember you.
  5. Glad nothing's changed over here. Yeah I'm working on my french, if you'd ever left the midwest you might be aware that trying to understanding people speaking their own first language when you yourself have only been learning it for a few months is extremely difficult. French people speak quickly and rather quietly, and since my French vocabulary is still pretty small that makes it real tough to hold a conversation.
  6. Haha don't worry about it, I was never a big poster. Half my posts are probably from when you could spam by just holding down enter.
  8. I've never left the midwest and yet I am exactly aware of what you are saying. That said, the French have a reputation for not being very...anglophilic. Try finding someone who is trying to improve their English. You can teach each other.
  9. Now that is a good idea. The problem is because I don't know anyone over here, I don't know how to find a person like that! Gotta find a cute french girl to teach me...

    I've found the French reputation of disliking non-French speakers (and particularly Americans) to only be partially true. If you attempt to speak french to them they're usually pretty accommodating, and since everyone over here knows a bit of english I can get by day-to-day with a combination of my broken french and their broken english. My problem is, having lived my entire life in a place where I can start a conversation with a random stranger on the street, I really miss that human interaction. It's one thing to be able to communicate basic needs and a whole different thing to actually have a conversation with someone.
  10. Learning le French is pas si complicated du tout!
  11. go to french classes if possible.

    are you in school, what are you up to in paris? working? or just sitting around chillin?
  12. Well, you can always talk to us! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  13. Stangman you're just a cheater, if Chicago had to have all of its signs/schools/whatever in French as well as English I'd be fine. C'n est pas trop simple pour moi. That probably doesn't even make sense.

    And nah I'm not in school, I'm pretty much here because I'm not going to school in the US. It was like "hey you're not going to school unlike everyone else in the world you know so go do something useful with your life and live in Paris." Thanks for the idea though, I'll see if theres any French classes around here for cheap. And if I could find a job that'd be super but finding a job where speaking French isn't required probably isn't so easy. maybe the US embassy is hiring...
  14. Oh god I think I'll take the broken English.

    I forgot to mention that I been learning French on my own through a combination of my pirated RosettaStone and some French CDs by a dude named Michel Thomas that teach more conversation French. Just so you guys don't think I'm a complete bum.
  15. srsly learn 2 speak French #%$got!
  16. ya man, you have to learn french.

    forget english, don't even look to speak it. get off this site and go learn french. you're in paris, no school, no job; not learning french would be rediculous.

    another thing, you can learn about the city and start working for one of those walking tour companies. meet tons of ppl that way, looks fun. if you're really into finding english speakers, those jobs are full of ex-pats, so you can go and hang out with them.
  17. Cool idea timmy, I'll check that out too. I always thought I'd make a good tour guide, and I like history anyway. I'm going to have to check this out tomorrow as its 2 in the morning here and I'm about to pass out, but thanks for the thoughts so far. I didn't realize how active this place still was!
  18. Sell deodorant... oh, wait, they don't use it.
  19. Sell deodorant... oh, wait, they don't use it.
  20. I used to live there. Nice city, which part are you in??
  21. Ill see you at the Sortie in 9 days
  22. hang with hemi
  23. hemi lives in lyon iirc.

    anyway, would love to live in paris.
  24. This is seriously a problem. Sometimes I have to find a new seat on the metro because the dude I'm sitting next to smells like he hasn't showered in months.

    And I'm living in the 6th, in St Germain-des-pres. Not the best neighborhood if you're trying to conserve cash, its really tourist-y so everything is expensive. My street is right off the Seine at Pont Neuf.

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