You are all jealious!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by BaRRa, Dec 9, 2004.

  1. you live in an old house i can tell
  2. 24 years, I think.
  3. I might buy a mini ps2 to annoy you.
  4. you also have a small penis, so im not jealous.
  5. I don't care, much.

    Can you get RGB/Component cables for PS2? Or something?
  6. you have a small penis
  7. I have a bigger tv and better games?
  8. Nope
  9. i will kill you until you die mother#$%#er
  10. Actully yes. Also, I hope you pause your ps2 on that plasma for a very long time.
  11. You can't, you don't smell.
  12. Was it jelious or jealious?
  13. Yes, I am that stupid. And a very long time is a VERY long time.
  14. I hope your crappy p2 explodes and burns down your house. Ha.
  15. I have a the Slim PSTwo. I also have a HDTV to play it on.....So why should i be jealious again?
  16. Cause I am better, and with GT4.

    What kind of HDTV do you have?
  17. Don't HDTVs cost like $5000000000000000000?
  18. I heart BaRRa.
  19. Depends what kind of HDTV you buy.
  20. WEll where i work the most expensive one is the Panasonic 50" Viera Plasma. its $6999. But then again i work in Sears so its not that much of an electronic store, but out section ain't so bad.
  21. those are so #$%#ing small@%@
  22. Some are in the neighborhood of 12 grand
  23. You need to spend all that money on going back to school since you cant even speel JEALOUS.
  24. ...and you can't even spell 'spell' or 'can't'.

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