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    Mr Bigmouth,
    Your taste in cars is as quear as your name.<!-- Signature -->
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    Another person who has his head up his ass! If you have ever seen one of these cars you would'nt say that. Oh but then you wouldnt have seeing that your probably about 4 miles behind!
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    What the hell is wrong with this car you F*^$(#$ idiot?? Look at the car, look at the price, and look at the performance. Some times people need to think before they speek. I like this car.
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    I'd like to quote all of you guys out there that responded to that #%$, i must say that he is a dumb ass. Look at the car, its sweet. I'm taking a guess that this guy probably drives a ford.
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    no it isn't, it's a sweet car. I wouldn't mind having one, now that moarcos doesn't make cars any more.......<!-- Signature -->
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    I really don't like it.
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    Shoot i would take that anyday of the week!!!
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    oh god, can U please chill out with the f***ing vipers, in almost every forum there people like u, that talk about vipers, can u please go to forum for vipers, or at least behave when u talk about viper in other forums
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    me too
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    dont compare a Viper to this...
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    looks just like a maserati coupe
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    it's actually faster than a viper, and has better handling, and costs about the half of a viper, (in Norway), cars with big engines are axtremely expensive here... a viper GTS costs more than 2000000 NOK =200000$
    and the Mantary will cost about 450000 NOK =50000$
    It looks better in "British Racing Green"
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    Man, both of 'em suck!

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