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  1. This isn't the best Marcos (the Mantis is) but it's still a cool lookin car!
    could you honestly say you don't want one?
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    I'd take it.
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    nicktraffic....your about the gayest person ive seen on here!!! for one that other cars a compelete copy to the damn viper!!!but this is also similar to one!!! these are fu.cking wanna be vipers!!! and your a loser whos ass im about to kick you fuc.king loser!!! please dont post anymore before i find out where you live and beat the living out of you!!!!
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    this is a cool lookin car cuz its a copy of the shelby series one! marcos needs to stop stealin american cars looks but if they're goig to keep doin that they need to get the usa's performance! so nicktraffic you idiot id say i wouldnt want one much less buy one!<!-- Signature -->
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    The basic Marcos design dates back to 1964 ( Will you kids stop it with the Viper/Series One rip off comments?

    And to keep you Yanks happy, Marcos do use American engines. More power to Uncle Sam, eh?

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