You ever seen a band in which people are ded now?

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  1. I follow some groups on the internetu, clearly I'm not going to see Jim Morrison, Elvis or John Lennon or did I ever have the opportunity to. But even of more recent stuff people are dropping like flies. Think Amy Winehouse, that 4real dude of the Manics, etc. But I got nothing to humblebrag about when it comes to this. I think, if I'm not mistaken, the only ded dude I've ever seen was the singer of Drowning Pool. His body hit the floor a few months after a festival where I've seen them for a couple of minutes and thought it was kinda dull.

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  2. None come to mind. Of the bands that I have listened and by chance did not go to see live when they performed close by I can name Nirvana, Motorhead and Pantera. Especially Lemmy visited Finland regularly and I really should have seen him rock. Regrets.
  3. I've seen Michael Jackson perform, i don't think he was much alive at the time.
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  4. What do you mean?
  5. I saw him perform, but he might as well been dead at the time.

  6. Yeah I went to a highschool hockey game once. The highschool band played the anthem. Their bus got T-boned by a Semi on the way home.
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  7. Rigor Mortis
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  8. good thread

    sadly, I don't think i have an example
  9. What a fitting name for this thread
    Listening now, I'm liking this (Freaks EP)
  10. Linkin Park
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  11. Don't think so

    But I love a good cover band. Plays all songs you know, play it with flair (they aren't bored), tickets are cheaper, venues are smaller
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  12. chas from chas & Dave
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  13. The Arkells
  14. Pour one out for our homie
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  15. I was wondering if anybody would remember.
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  16. Oh! The boss is coming!
  17. what?
  18. What?
  19. [​IMG]
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  21. So like, AntiPimpage is dead we think.

    Any other members dead that we know of?
  22. Or he suckered everyone out of money.
    Pandabeat probably died of dysentery in a US immigration detention center.
    @sixspeedfirebird probably died because they put the transmission in his BMW wrong. 3rd gear was reverse and he slammed the car in reverse while taking the apex of a corner.
  23. Bon Scott
    John Bonham
    Freddy Mercury
    David Bowie
    Gord Downie
    Cliff Burton
    Jon Lord
    Ronnie James Dio
    Stevie Ray Vaughn
    Richard Wright
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  24. I knew you'd have the best list
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