You guys are dumb man

Discussion in '2002 Ford Thunderbird' started by Lambo74, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This car kicks a$$. My dads getting one. I dont know how you cant like it, it just looks sweet.
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    This car is crap its nothing like the hot rugged design of the old t-bird but the engine is okay<!-- Signature -->
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    engine is #$%#in crap put something fast in it like the Lightnings engine or something<!-- Signature -->
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    show the origional car company some respect. you wouldnt have ur vipers or vettes had ford not made the model-T. again i find my self saying, go home.<!-- Signature -->
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    V8....? 4000CC..??? 252 HP??? LOL!!!!!
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    The new Thunderbird is a heritage inspired car, and the original Thunderbird wasn't the fastest car on the planet. This car works great as a fun to drive, great looking, quick weekend driver.

    It also won Motor Trend's Car of the Year award, and that's a given; it means that the Ford Thunderbird is a great car.<!-- Signature -->
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    Seeing this car on pictures and looking at the specs, I sadly said to myself; "Ford has to have a lot of guts to Mess up a TBird". The other day Im getting out of my 94TBird and I see a black Brand new TBird. At first I was looking at its back and said "ugly" then i got a little closer went around the whole car and said to myself damn this is a hot car. I still hate the head lights. but if you look at the cars hood, you would not beleive how powerfull it looks. Anyways when I have seen it in real life i started appreceating its beauty. I just want people to see this car in real life and not on pictures and then judge. Really awsome i want one. Could of been more powerful.... Maby later? who knows?<!-- Signature -->
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    this car is ok i guess, but why make it look almost like a beetle.?

    the headlights look like they came from a vw beetle and the back end looks #$%#ed up<!-- Signature -->

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