you guys dont get the point do you.

Discussion in '1988 Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette' started by ali84, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. for those who say its just a corvette... thats the point its aim is to be able to relate to an ordinary corvette on the road.
    those who say that a mclaren would beat it on track... again its not built to be a track car.its built for pure speed.
    those who say that this goes fast in a straight line like all american cars... again this is not the point of this car, you want a fast american which is quick on the track see the Saleen S7.
  2. this car is build for no point. want race around a track get a enzo. want accelation get a top fuel dragster. want pure speed get a jet car which can go supersonic
  3. Ok, but theres only one problem with that...MONEY, im pretty sure a enzo, rocket car, and a top fuel dragster all cost more than this car.
  4. hahahahahaha im also pretty sure nobody would spend 400 000 on this. it is far farrrrrr overpriced. i could name a hundred cars i would rather have before this that are under that price.

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