you know how the earth is on an angle....

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Aych Es Vee, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. I actually perfer snowtime. It makes my drive to work just a little more exciting, plus I love to snowmobile, ski/snowboard.
  2. I hate these extremes, -40C is not cool and yesterday 49C with humidity is not cool.
  3. Seriously. Winnipeg is the same and it's horrible.
  4. I love winter.

    If you turn into an evil genius, I will be the one to stop your evil plan.
  5. One issue would be that it would be freezing all the time in some places and hot as shit al the time in others. In certain places it would be heaven all the time though. Which would be cool. Russia+Canada would be fcked though!
  7. I love the snow and winter when it comes, if it comes. I actually find it awesome walking around in - temp celsius (albeit not dry cold, but because the air is moist on the coast, it sticks to ya). I wish I lived in the interior sometimes because it sticks around longer, but anywhere east of the rockies usually gets extremes.
  8. canada would prob be 0 degrees all year
  9. Winter has more fashion.
  10. I'd laugh at all the birds who were migrating for no reason.
  11. you call that comedy?
  12. theyd migrate still but it would be once and one way permanently.

    Actually it would probably cause world kaos and mess alot of things up for humans too
  13. 15C is my optimum temp, I hate these 30C+ I am experiencing here in the US atm.
  14. hah, the world would die.
  15. You're such a goober
  16. Live on the equator, you'll get exactly what you described. Except it's more likely it'll be 30C all year than 22.
  17. Aren't you Australian?
  18. Just go to the tropics. 30 C / 85 F pretty much year round.
  19. He is but he lives in the coldest/most boring city in Australia.
  20. I just said that.
  21. awesome
  23. I doubt much of Australia looks like this in the winter regardless.
  24. I doubt that too, their winter is much like a Danish summer lol.

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